Berry’s Meme: Friends List

So I don’t normally do these meme’s but I decided this one was easy enough so why not give it a shot with my lovey dove!!!!!


1. What is the number of contacts on your Second Life Friends List?
Mars: 66
Moon: 82

2. Are you picky about who you add to your list or do you usually add most people?
Mars: Uhm I usually add most people.
Moon: I’m pretty picky actually if your not part of my RP.

3. Who is your oldest contact?
Mars: Kay Wildrose met her within the first week of joining second life.
Moon: My oldest two are my alts and then second to that is Ishnualah Resident yay ishy!!!

4. Who is your newest contact? (check your calling cards)
Mars: Zifar Falconer added yesterday!!
Moon: Leelor Resident I added her yesterday too

5. Do you know every single person on your list?
Mars: Yes maybe not very well but I do know them.
Moon: Yeah hard to say your picky if you don’t know the people on your list.

6. How many do you speak to on a daily (weekly) basis?
Mars: Almost all of them, the few I don’t is because they aren’t online very much anymore.
Moon: Uhhhhhh most of them I think.

7. How many do you see/get together with in-world on a daily (weekly) basis?
Mars: About half!!!
Moon: Yeah About half for me too… the same half.

8. Who on your list do you have the closest relationship with?
Mars: Luna Morgwain aka you ya crazy woman DUH
Moon: Sumar Aries which is you and I am not crazy.

9. Who do you wish you knew better?
Mars: You’re the only one I really wanna know better.
Moon: Aren’t you sweet… I know you well enough though I wish I knew some of our RP buddies better cause they love to shop!!!!!!!!!! Okay I lied of course I wanna know my sweetie better but I wanna know them better too.

10. Who on your list is the funniest/most entertaining?
Mars: Jey Juneberry
Moon: Um…….. I don’t know any funny people?? I am the funniest yeah me!

11. How did you meet most of the people on your list?
Mars: Gor Roleplay!!
Moon: Yup same here most of the people on my list are the awesome villagers and slaves of Haskin’s.

12. Do you ever clean out your list?
Mars: Yes frequently.
Moon: Yup all the time.

13. Do you have a crush on someone in your list?
Mars: Yeah I do……………..
Moon: Can’t crush on someone that already loves ya back so nope!

14. Is there anyone on your list that you would trust with your password?
Mars: Uh yeah… she already has it!!!
Moon: Duh…. he already has it!!!


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