Darkness becomes the light

So with all the issues that Second Life has been having the last few days I have been feeling kind of grumpy about even wanting to be on or go roleplay and last night just made that even worse. Not going to get into the details of what upset me but lets just say when your game freezes up it sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luckily it seems to be fixed now with me doing another clean install but who knows. At least back in the old days when shit was done you knew it was coming and could plan around it. Rolling restarts… is the biggest joke I’ve ever seen when it comes to maintenance of the servers. Oh well enough venting about those issues lets get on with the pretty little drow creation I made thanks to some of the wonderful events going on in world!!!!!


On Moon:

Hair: [LNS Designs] LOLLY – GOTH PACK (ADD ME!) (unpacked) @ Goth Fair

Skin: [PF] Drow <Moon> v1.1 @ We Love Rp

Undereye Makeup: +Nuuna+ Ina Makeups in violet

Wings: Suicide Gurls – Discordia Wings @ dark style fair

Dress: LUAS DINASTIA PURPLE @ 25 l tuesday


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