Very Superstitious!!!!!

The Carnival of Haskins is coming up!!!! I can’t wait to see all the wonderful costumes that everyone puts together to celebrate the summer at the wonderful village of Haskins. I still have not even remotely figured out what I will be doing for a costume but I’ve been playing around putting things together and decided to blog this little masked pretty!!!!!! As well as the need to show off some of my newest finds of deliciousness!!!!

Oh and of course the Carnival is open to all of Gor. And there are some wonderful events planned… The schedule of events currently is(This is copied straight from the nc for the event):

What: Carnival of Haskins – ALL invited to attend all day!
When: June 1st
Where: Village of Haskins
Dress: During this celebration it is often customary to garb oneself in outlandish costumes or masks and attend various masquerade, fetes, competitions and feasts.

9:00 am ▶ Booths Open! – Remain open all day!
• Dunking Booth
• Fortune Telling
• Balloon Bust (Prizes!)
• High Striker (Prizes!)
• Card and Dice Table
• Bosk Bucking
• Kissing Booth
• Obstacle Course

11:00 am ▶ Dance Pit Raiders
• Group is formed to celebrate the ancient held Gorean traditions of kajira dancing with passion from their hearts and bellies. While they do not dance for coins, any tips given are voluntarily donated 100% to the Gorean Relay for Life!

12:30 pm ▶ Sign ups begin for Sloppy Serve Contest (1:00 pm) – The goal is to be the sloppy and dirty as you can be with your serve. We will have a Master on hand replying to the girls.
• Must be original work of the server – Recommended to have post pre-written with room for changes based on Master’s replies
• Each slave allowed 1 post to move to Master’s boot and offer to serve, 5 post maximum for serve with no more than five lines per post.
2:30 pm ▶ Sign ups begin for Champion of Gor Sword Tournament (3:00 pm) – Live Broadcast by Gorean Whip
Location: Haskins Arena
• All Free Men and Women of Gor may enter. Max of 16 entries
• Entry Fee – $100L
• Prizes: 1st Place-$1000L, 2nd Place-$500L (additional prizes based on sponsors)
• Bracket format, Best of 3
• Running Allowed (NO Speed Enhancers)
• Dodge/Blocking Allowed
• NO Jumping
• GM Meter Only
• Allowed Weapons: Centipede, EZ Weapons, LR Weapons, Primus, VO-Fhang
6:00 pm ▶ Warrior’s Run
• “Prey” can hide anywhere ON the sim and can defend themselves.
• “Warriors” will try to find all the prey, down them and bind them. No mini-mapping!
• Swords Only
• Binding emotes not required
• Can only drag one prey at a time. Running allowed/Jumping allowed
• Men can steal from each other so no arena mode. No binding other men but they are in a bubble for the duration of the meter time. You should not attack another warrior unless they have a captive. If you are fighting, you must drop your leash.
• Prey can unbind each other if it’s possible.
• Once you have the prey in the box, they are no longer steal-able.
• Most important rule – LET’S HAVE FUN
• This is an OOC event

Contact: Alexandria (audbella.resident) or Lotus (celestinia.resident)


You may also feel free to contact me in world for a list of the events and land marks. INWORLD CONTACT: Luna Morgwain




On Moon:

Eyes: [ S H O C K ] Eyes On Me (Purple Lizard) Gacha [Box] RARE @ Dark Style Fair Gacha

Hair and Feathers: +Spellbound+ Warrior // Brunettes

Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Flat

Feet: Slink Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)

Shape: My Own

Skin: -Glam Affair – Coral – Jamaica – Lotus @ Past 50L Friday

Mask: [V/W] Fiery Mask – 03 @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Necklace: [V/W] Flask Necklace – 08 @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Piercings: :HV: Nosejob [100 Block Ink/Oil] @ Dark Style Fair

Collar: Noodles – Mother of Dragons Collar Hematite Gold Ultra Rare @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Belly Chain: POMPOSITY – Thin Belly Chain – EGYPTIAN GODDESS @ Dark Style Fair Gacha

Makeup 1: +Nuuna+ Fen White

Makeup 2: +Nuuna+ Ina Pink

Makeup 3: +Nuuna+ Obe Pink 1

Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/long

Top and Skirt: .::DD::. Flutter Top & Skirt – Petal @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival


And some yummy music!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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