Skogarmadhur: Gor Sim A Day!!!

I have taken a long break from blogging for several reasons and was not even intending upon doing posts for a long while still. However, I have gotten onto this kick of visiting a Gor sim a day to take pics of myself so why not Post my look of the day as well as give some props to the gorgeous sim builds I’ve been running across. With that….

My first stop for pic taking was the recently changed (minor changes at the moment of course) Skogarmadhur group at luna sancta. This sim is getting a lot more interesting with its build and I just love how you can see the top of the ship in the background off in the distance. Major props goes out to whoever has been working on this sim its looking better every time I swing by.



Background: Skogarmadhur

Shape: My Own

Skin: Lara Hurley-Fae drained /Rose Pale @ Uber

Hair: +Spellbound+ NachoBitch S // Reds

Lashes: MG – Eyelashes – Groomed – Medium – BLACK

Eyes: Orbz HD Eyes- Eridanus – Midnight Blue

Hands: Slink Relaxed

Face Scratches: Vestigium – Animal Scratch RARE

Nose Ring: MONS / MESH – Septum Ring (style7) @ Collabor 88

Facial Piercings: .Pekka. Soul Piercing GOLD

Tattoo: Letis Tattoo :: Inermis :: MM13017 : v2 :


Boots: [Teri] Genoveva Boots Black with white fur

Upper arms: [Tia] Empress Set – Upper Arm – Black @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Lower Arms: [Tia] Empress Set – Lower Arm – Black @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Staff: !LR Mystical Klaive

Bow: !LR BlackSwan Bow [Elite]

Blowgun: !LR Valhalla Blowdart

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